10 Steps to Hire the Right Locksmith

hire the right locksmith

There are many ways you can go wrong when hiring a locksmith. This not only causes a dent in your pockets, but can result in a lot of frustrations and time wastage. To avoid all these, here are a few things to put into consideration before hiring one.

  1. Always go for locksmiths with a physical address

Approximately 92% of locksmiths who appear on search engine maps are non- existent, which means that online searches may give false results. To avoid this, go for locksmiths with an actual physical address that you can verify.

  1. Verify their membership

Most states require professional locksmiths to be registered with a locksmith association before they get licensed, accredited and even rated. If the locksmith you want to hire isn’t a member of this association don’t risk hiring them.

  1. Ask for a quote before any work begins

Most towns have standardized prices for different locksmith services and qualified locksmiths will give you an accurate quote for any service you require.  Don’t go for too high or too low quotes as the services may be overpriced or of low quality.

  1. Does the locksmith have a company vehicle?

When you call a locksmith and they show up driving a small car and with a single tool like a drill, then you have a right to send them away.  They may deliver substandard services due to lack of proper tools and equipment. A company vehicle will carry everything needed for most jobs.

  1. Do not let the locksmith lie to you

While looking for a shortcut, some locksmiths will lie to you that your lock is of high security so that they end up drilling. This will cost you more for no reason; drilling should be a last resort after picking and bumping have failed.

It should be easy for you to identify a locksmith by the clothes they wear, the vehicles they drive and even their work I.D. By hiring the ones that cannot be identified this way, you may be inviting criminals into your house.

  1. Get the facts right about bump proofing 

Many people sell locks claiming that they are bump proof. Don’t take their word for truth; instead, ask your locksmith how different locks work. You can also ask about locks with primus cylinders as they are considered fairly secure.

  1. Get a master key

Instead of carrying a lot of keys to open various doors, you should ask for a master key system. This will enable you to open various doors with the same key.

  1. Customer relations

Any call to a locksmith company should be answered in a professional manner with the person on the other side of the line clearly identifying their company.

  1. Get more information

When you are not informed, it is easy to be duped by unscrupulous people posing as locksmiths. To prevent this, learn more about locks that offer more security and always hire professionals.

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